Chez Mme Rocheleau


Bienvenue! Welcome to Chalet #2!

Bienvenue Chez Mme Rocheleau!


 I am so excited to work with my students,  your child! Communication between school and home is very important! Make sure you regularly check my web page for resources .  You can always contact me via your child's Agenda, or at the school, at 905-683-5230. 

This year, I will be using a one-way text messaging to keep all up to date with important reminders (homework, events, etc..). The app is REMIND . Please make sure you and your child subscribe for updates and reminders.



Grade 4/5R Chalet #2

Grade 5, Room 107 (Mrs Pritchard) 

Mme Rocheleau: French Language Arts, Social Studies, Sciences, Drama, Dance

Mrs Pritchard: English

Mrs Binning: English

M. Salvati: Math 

Mme Tang: Phys Ed, Health in French 

Mme Stiles: Phys Ed, Health in French 


PRINCIPAL: Mr. Menheere





Students must come to class on time, prepared and ready to learn. This means having materials to work with in class (pencils, eraser, paper).

New this year: NO ring binders for students 

Students will experience a slow transition to flexible seating. This means they will not leave any materials in their desk.

Duotangs/ workbooks for subjects will be left in specific bins in both classes. School bags should only have pencil case, Independent reading books (Fr-Eng), lunch bag.

INDOOR SHOES are a must!  For Phys Ed, students must have running shoes. Skate shoes or flat soles are NOT recommended for running; foot support is important.  There are bins in both classes to transfer the indoor shoe between classes. 


We are a community of learners, which means in my class we have a CODE DE VIE:

- Mutual respect of all (peers, teachers, supply teachers, school lunch supervisors, any adults working in the school)

- The right to pass but the duty to participate

- Cooperation

- No put-downs

- Active Listening



To “green” the classroom, I am looking for real plants, big or small. If you have spare ones to donate, it would be greatly appreciated.  Fake plants are also welcome.



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